World Vision International - Jordan
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NOUR Project

Job Description and Requirements

1.     Attend one day of the data collection training, fully participate in the training.

2.     To receive their assigned tab/smart phone at the beginning of each day and to handle the tab/smart phone at the end of the data collection day.

3.     Conduct interviews with WVJ targeted beneficiaries in Irbid, Almfraq, Alzarqa, Amman according the provided sample breakdown in assigned locations.

4.     To complete the assigned number of surveys per day. (TBD)

5.     Insert the collected interviewee answers accurately in the assessment application installed on the provided tabs/ smart phones

6.     Adhere to the data quality requirements mentioned during the given training.

7.     Provide accurate comments or notes observed while conducting the interview with beneficiaries to WVJ staff in the field and the evaluation leader in a timely manner.

8.     Any other data collection related tasks assigned by the supervisor/team leader or any other support needed by the team