EDAMA - Association for Energy, Water and Environment
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General Manager /Executive Director

Job Description and Requirements


EDAMA is a Jordanian business association which aims to create and foster mature Energy Water and Environment sectors that advance Jordan's movement towards a green economy. To establish Jordan’s energy independence, water security, and environmental well-being, EDAMA aims to provide an enabling environment for export opportunities - in the form of marketable Energy, Water and Environment solutions and technical expertise - to emerge and flourish.

General Manager/ Executive Director Role
The General Manager/Executive Director will operate under the direction of the Chairman and the
Board of Directors and will lead and manage and oversee generally the administration and the
daily business of the Association and perform such other functions (if any) as may be assigned by
the Board of Directors.

Internal responsibilities

  • Work with the Chairman and Board of Directors to define and implement strategy and the action plan in accordance with the article of association.
  •  Provide effective leadership to the staff of the Association.
  •  Bear responsibility and accountability for the proper management of all funds under the control of the Association, consistent with good financial management.
  • Work with the association’s auditors, legal advisors and other professional advisors as required.
  •  Meet agreed objectives as set out in the strategic plan and/or annual work programme of the Association.
  • Build strong links with all categories of membership and provide assurance to members that their interests are being reflected in the activities of the Association.
  • Undertake marketing and public relations activities with all relevant stakeholders, including key executives in similar renewable energy associations, senior Governmental officials and leaders in relevant organizations and key private companies in the EWE sectors.
  •  Develop ideas and devise appropriate plans into action to continue to expand membership.
  •  Evaluate and pursue other sources of funding for the Association as directed by the Board.
  • Implement an effective PR strategy for the Association.
  • Bear the responsibility for maximising the performance and development of the staff by setting appropriate standards and performance indicators, arranging appropriate training and development of staff, evaluating individual performance, and taking appropriate action where necessary.
  • Ensure a newsletter is emailed regularly to all members.
  • Report to the Board of Directors on regular basis especially on key and strategic issues including a monthly report encompassing the Associations activities with current financials and memberships base.

External responsibilities

  •  Develops and maintains relationships with other associations, donors, industry, government and public service organizations and individuals, as are desirable or necessary in the best interest of the association and in conformity with the overall objectives and policy of the organization.
  • Maintains the organization’s public gateway to the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches in full consultation and under direct supervision of the Chairman/Board.
  • The Chairman/Board is considered the trustees before all the official entities in Jordan as per the Associations’ law.

Other responsibilities

  • Ensure the compliance of legislations (Policy&Legal)
  • Ensure Members satisfaction
  • Communicate with donors regarding MoUs & Partnerships
  •  Initiate contacts & relationships.
  • Advocate funding & support.
  • Ensure that Donors receive timely reports about activities they funded.
  •  Receive the feedback on the activities and the annual conference.

Key Deliverables

  • Revise the content of all publications developed EDAMA for credibility (Media, Print & Interviews).
  • Set the outline & approve the content of annual training plan.
  • Review the content for the monthly newsletter.
  • Ensure proper booking of trainers & key speakers (Arabs & International)
  • Maintain continuous contact with the BOD, Govt., Members, Donors & Staff.
  •  Lead the selection of employees and manage their performance review& promotion.
  • Monitor all financial transactions approve and sign all payments.

EDAMA’s Events:

Ensure proper selection, design and implementation of the following:

  • Events agenda
  • Speakers and panellists
  • Press releases for events.
  • Invitations.
  • Correspondence.
  • Website material
  • Any material written by EDAMA.

Skills & Qualifications
The successful candidate ideally should have:

  • A proven management and leadership experience in a member association, or an SME.
  • A degree-level qualification or demonstrable experience covering the required competencies.
  •  Experience in a Corporate Governance role and familiarity with good corporate governance practice.
  • Understanding of the EWE sectors with experience of working with some of the principal stakeholders in the sector and in the relevant Government Departments.
  • Ability to work under the general direction of the Chairman and Board of Directors of EDAMA and in cooperation with the Management Executive Committee.
  • Ability to read financial analysis and financial statements.
  • Time Management Skill
  •  Strong Analytical Skills.
  • Planning & Monitoring Skills


  • Post Graduate degree in Energy, Water, Engineering etc.
  • Fluent in English & Arabic Languages Experience
  • At least +10 years of experience.
  • 8 years in the Environment & Sustainable Energy Sectors with National or International bodies


  •  Leadership and Strategic Direction
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  •  Management and Delivery of Results
  •  Building Relationships and Communication
  • Specialist Knowledge, Expertise and Self-Development
  • Personal Energy and Drive
  • Commitment to good Ethical Behaviour
  • Ability to clearly communicate the Ethical Environmental Standards to colleagues and employees

Additional Personal Qualities

  • Analytical Abilities and Problem-Solving Skills
  • Personal Effectiveness, energy, resilience and impact to engage credibly with stakeholders at all levels
  • Ability to work in a co-operative manner, in a teamwork environment
  • Have or be able to acquire in a short period, a thorough knowledge of the remit of the job
  • Be able to provide quality briefing, presentations, and interviews as needed
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Be self-reliant and capable of performing under pressure
  • Have experience of involvement in successful research programmes