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Automation Software Engineer 2

Job Description and Requirements

Develop and maintain tools to automate or assist Presales Solutions Services Analysts in delivering services more efficiently. Presales Solution Services delivers all services to the field within defined SLAs and Quality measurements. This position enhances those services, allowing the team to deliver solutions faster and more consistently. Knowledgeable of Dell EMC services, solutions, and products. Inquiry topics include the features, functions, compliance, usage, configuration, and support of products, solutions, services and tools and utilities to aid delivery management. Development of a wide range of programming solutions, including but not limited to, Visual Basic Excel automation, Visio/PowerPoint Automation, Automation Anywhere programming, web page development and maintenance, HTML, database development and SQL query. 

Developer Requirements 

Superior English Skills Visual Basic Excel with a focus on Automation (e.g. Populating fields in PowerPoint) Automation Anywhere Experience is a plus Candidates who meet the above requirements will take the developer Exercise