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Accounting Manager

Job Description and Requirements

Here’s what an ordinary day looks like, you will:

  • Maintain up-to-date billing system.
  • Generate and send out invoices.
  • Follow up, collect and allocate payments.
  • Carry out billing, collection and reporting activities with respect to deadlines.
  • Perform account reconciliations.
  • Monitor customer account details for non-payments, delayed payments and other irregularities.
  • Research and resolve payment discrepancies.
  • Review ACC/AR aging to ensure compliance.
  • Maintain ACC/AR customer files and records.
  • Process credit card payments.
  • Prepare bank deposits.
  • Investigate and resolve customer queries.
  • Develop a recovery system and initiate collection efforts.
  • Assist with end of month closing.


You’re going to need this to carry out this job

  • Bachelor Degree of Accounting from a reputable university(English Section).
  • 3+ years of experience in accounting.
  • Candidate must be detail oriented with high organization and analytical skills.
  • Knowledge of accounts receivable.
  • Knowledge of general bookkeeping procedures.
  • Knowledge of general accounting principles.
  • Proficient in relevant computer software.

Areas That Play to Your Strengths 

If you are…

  • Organized: Staying on top of all the figures, paperwork, and data that accountants deal with daily.
  • Detail Oriented: These traits are crucial in the work accountants do. At the very least, the numbers they are working with have to be accurate and correct.