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Accounts Receivable Specialist and Collector

Job Description and Requirements

Job Description 

This specialty covers accounts receivable collections. People in this specialty are responsible to maintain client relationships by supporting the A/R fulfillment process, taking ownership of A/R problem resolution, collecting open receivables, accurately handling processing/transaction requirements, applying effective research techniques, and promoting client satisfaction and sales productivity. Execute defined A/R processes, in line with business controls and business objectives. Reconcile AR files and resolution of disputes. 

Responsibilities of the AR Collector:
  • Updating the AR database with customer information
  • Collection of accounts receivable for IBM mainline and IGF customers (where IGF AR is routed to CARS)
  • Raising CARS Adjustments (as per the common adjustment matrix)
  • Forecasting expected cash collect
  • Producing arrears letters for designated accounts
  • Producing customer statements of account and customer account reconciliations on request
  • Providing input to AR / IGF management on whether LPF should be aggressively pursued for any delinquency based on management judgment considering specific criteria and customer specific issues. •Identifying and managing delinquent and distressed accounts
  • Interfacing with consolidated statement facility
  • Raising adjustments (as per the common adjustment matrix)
  • Establishing customer relationships and ensure customer adheres to IBM payment terms
  • Maintaining/updating customer information on AR databases
  • Contacting all owned customers within 14 days of invoice due date - either by arrears letter, telephone call or personal meeting.
  • Forecasting collections/dates for current month/quarter
  • Adding/updating action codes in CDMS as appropriate in current country setup
  • Maintaining follow-up activities (as per collection plan)
  • Recording all customer responses, commitments, queries on AR databases
  • Monitoring payments versus commitments
  • Copying invoices, statements, customer account reconciliations where appropriate
  • Recording disputes in CDMS and identifying owners and notifying them.
  • Resolving disputes personally where possible
  • Tracking customer reaction (payment/query/no response) to arrears letters
  • Providing input to AR/IGF management on whether LPF should be aggressively pursued for any delinquency based on management judgment considering specific criteria and customer specific issues.
  • Preparing documentation for agreed pre-legal situations,write-Offs and refunds
  • Notifying Risk Management of distressed customer accounts
  • Creating a month-start collection forecast and updating it weekly to reflect changes
  • Organizing physical cheque collections where appropriate
  • Initiating escalation processes where required
  • Informing management of any issues impacting prompt collection
  • Encouraging customers to use automatic and/or electronic payment methods, such as Direct Debit, Credit Card and e-business applications available on the Web (Statement Online SOL, Invoice
Online IOL)

Required Technical and Professional Expertise

• Client Insight & client satisfaction oriented
  • Ability to work independently, prioritize tasks and manage multiple priorities
  • Ability to respect deadlines
  • Good organization and time management skills
  • Dedicated and driving to achieve
  • Strong ability solving problems and analytical skills
  • Good team player and collaborative
  • Open minded to new knowledge and activities
  • Pro-active thinker (so is taking the lead with solving issues)
  • Work accurately
  • Quality oriented work approach
  • Self Organized and Autonomous
  • Efficiency oriented and committed

Preferred Tech and Prof Experience