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Marketing Automation Specialist

Job Description and Requirements

Job Description 

Works closely with Campaign Managers, Digital & Analytics Specialists to support and enable campaigns from a tools perspective. Specifies the functional design of the campaign and any underlying technical requirements. The specification is then built on the platforms and delivered live in market across multiple channels including digital (inbound and outbound), inside sales, email, and events. Works with the necessary Marketing Tools (EMM, Marketer Workspace) and performs multiple actions, including:
  • Offer definitions, audience cells, flowchart development.
  • Apply global, local, and campaign specific rules (e.g. suppression/permission rules).
  • Execute test runs of the campaign, troubleshoot any issues.
  • Schedule, execute and monitor the campaign in market (including some base operational reporting)
  • Retire the campaign and associated assets when appropriate.
People in this role are experts in marketing automation technology and its use in evolving technology like paid media, social media, and mobile. Shares experience in MSC and will be involved in the education of their peers and in the development of their practice.

Required Technical and Professional Expertise

  • Minimum 4 years of Marketing experience, with 2 years of Marketing automation experience
  • Strong understanding of Marketing Automation platforms / Marketing Platform Ecosystem (preferred IBM Campaign, also known as EMM or Unica)
  • Strong familiarity with B2C lifecycle marketing, customer marketing, engagement and retention
  • Logical thinking, combined with Analytics capabilities.
  • Candidates must be very organized, excellent team player and do excellent time management.
  • Communication skills (being able to use business language to explain technical background)
  • Excellent English language skills (written and spoken)

Preferred Tech and Prof Experience 

Candidates have to be very organized, excellent team player and do excellent time management.