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Sales Manager - Transmission Solutions

Job Description and Requirements

What are my 

  • Identifying 
    business opportunities and sales channels
  • Identifying 
    potential customers, understanding their order placement strategies and 
    their decision makers and decision-making processes
  • Drawing up 
    feasibility studies as the basis for Go/No Go decisions
  • Determining 
    the market price or the budget price for specific bids/projects
  • Drawing up 
    pre-qualification documents
  • Establish, 
    intensify and lever long-term reliable relationships with customer
  • May act as 
    a point of contact to customers in commercial matters and influences 
    collaboration within the organization to secure customer support.
  • Observing 
    and analyzing the market, competitors and customers
  • Determining 
    and ensuring the quality of market data and trends
  • Completes 
    sales and revenue related key reporting.
  • Communicating 
    market demands for the product portfolio team to the PLM process
  • Drawing up 
    marketing concepts, business plans and strategies
  • Establish 
    new Business Model according to Market needs
  • Supporting 
    the marketing and sales processes of the Business Unit /HUB
  • Drive 
    Digitalization for Siemens across Region countries.
  • Provides 
    information for forecasts and planning via relevant tools.
  • Contribute 
    to the development of After-Market business in the regional country.
  • Apply and 
    monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) / target setting.
  • Perform 
    forecasting, reporting and win-loss analysis with Bid team.
  • Interaction 
    between Business Unit/ HUB to update on different sales aspects
  • Drawing up 
    Bid/No Bid documentation and deciding jointly with Bid management
  • Defining 
    the bid structure, ensuring conformity of the bid contents with the 
    defined strategy, and approval of the bid
  • Performing 
    the Limit of Authority process in conformity with guidelines and in 
    compliance with the Business Unit regulations
  • Determining 
    the target price for specific bids/projects
  • Supporting 
    and coordinating technical clarification of the bid until placement of the 
  • Prepare / 
    coordinate and negotiate proposals in cooperation with Bid mgmt. / other 
    involved professionals and management.
  • Early 
    recognition of potential risk and (major) business impact
  • Initiate 
    escalation to make EM TS Management aware
  • Lead 
    escalation to avoid negative effect on business and to meet customer's 
  • Work in 
    joint cross-group effort of all internal business partners to create 
    business solutions with best economic results for both customer and 

You will also 

  • Demonstrate 
    dedicated time and attention to coach new and existing team members.
  • Show a 
    good balance between stretching for higher performance and valuing both 
    efforts and results.
  • Actively 
    develop own employees to become more effective: focus both on the what and 
    the how.
  • Liaise 
    with planning authorities, planners and consultants for the new 
    developments in EGY (all verticals) and position Siemens offerings as the 
    partner of choice and have the adequate technical inputs/specifications 
    proactively placed.

What do I need 
to qualify for this job?

  • More than 
    ten years Sales related experience with a track record of successful 
    performance (new orders), preferably in turn key of transmission/ 
    distribution industry or power generation business, as well as selling 
    products & Services.
  • Experience 
    in at least one organizational set up e.g. Division or Country Business is 
  • Fluent 
    English & Arabic.
  • Communication 
    & Presentation skills and Conflict Management. Knows how to build up 
    networks and actively listens.
  • Theoretical 
    and practical expertise in interpersonal relations: effective and 
    professional communication, presentation and conflict management.
  • Understands 
    and lives standards of good conduct (e.g. Compliance). Applies all 
    applicable rules, regulations and laws - in specific Project Management - 
    and all applicable Sales processes
  • Should 
    have at least 3 years’ experience through international exposure.