Sustainability Excellence

Sustainability Excellence

Company Overview
Sustainability Excellence is a fast-growing company focused on providing a wide range of sustainability consulting services to companies in the Arab world. Based in Amman , Jordan , Sustainability Excellence has clients across the region, including regional leadership companies such as ARAMEX, which recently issued the region’s most comprehensive and first GRI-checked Sustainability Report. Sustainability Excellence enjoys the support of some of the region’s most prominent business persons and collaborates with the world’s leading sustainability organizations. The company also delivers work for leading government agencies. The President of Sustainability Excellence, Darin Rovere, is an international expert in sustainability management. Three of his international clients have ranked number one in their sector worldwide for sustainability practices, one of his clients was the first company from an emerging market to score in the world’s top 100 Sustainability companies, and many of his clients have ranked #1 in their country.
Why Work for Us
1) Live your values every day and make a difference. Work in a company where you can live your values. Make a difference by working with leadership companies who want to find creative ways to reduce environmental impacts, enhance the environment, and contribute to improving social and economic development as part of their business strategy. Help these companies to grow and outperform competitors who do not address these issues. Participate in addressing some of the most important global issues of our time – including climate change. And work for a company that also tracks and manages its own impacts. 2) Be challenged Work in a company where there is no shortage of opportunity for people who can successfully and effectively deliver on challenging assignments, both within teams and leading teams. High levels of responsibility can be earned through demonstrated success. 3) Be part of a fast-growing success story If you are attracted to work in a fast-growing entrepreneurial success story that offers significant levels of challenge and responsibility, is committed to the highest ideals of sustainability, and has already demonstrated its leadership in the region, then Sustainability Excellence offers you an outstanding opportunity.