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QA QC Manager

Job Description and Requirements

QA/QC Manager, who reports to the Project Director, shall have a two-fold 
responsibility during the 2 stages of the project, namely the Design 
coordination phase and the Construction Phase as follows: 

Design Coordination phase: 

Oversee the Design coordination and Value Engineering 
documentation and issue of documentation. 

Monitor the performance of the Design Consultant(s) to 
ensure the design correctness and completeness, as well as compliance with the 
contract requirements. 

Maintain a record of the Design Consultant(s) 
submittals, and control the submittals/correspondence received from the Design 
Consultant(s) in conjunction with the PMC Document Control. 

Evaluate and endorse variation orders/concession 
requests submitted by the Design Consultant(s) for Employer's approval. 

Attend and minute all meetings with Design 
Consultant(s) and sub-consultants 

Review and comment on all drawings and documents 
submitted by the Design Consultant(s) and ensure the incorporation of all 
revisions on all documents. 

Coordinate, monitor and ensure timely submittals of 
all documents from the Design Consultant(s) to government departments for all 
necessary permits to allow work to proceed until the project’s final completion. 

Coordinate with regional / home office for all 
technical support required to ensure the correctness and completeness of the design. 

Review all Design Consultant(s) monthly reports 
including areas of concern and recommended plans of actions. 

Review the project design strategy and provide 
recommendations to the Project Director. 

Advises on materials/ systems to improve the design 
operation, future maintenance and construction cost 

Ensure that all project design documents are 
controlled, recorded and filed as per contact requirements. 

Construction phase: 

Participates in technical compliance audits of all on 
going work to ensure compliance by consultants and contractors. 

Responsible for the preparation, implementation and 
maintenance of the Project Quality Plan 

Develop Quality Management procedures and forms in 
compliance with the existing project requirements. 

Reviews the contract documents for each package in 
respect of QA/QC requirements and procedures and advises the Project Director 
of any deficiency or discrepancy. 

Participate in QA/QC project organization and 
personnel reviews 

Review QA/QC procedures and document control as 
submitted by the consultants and contractors and ensures that implementation is 
in compliance with contract requirements. 

Monitors activities on site and ensures their compliance 
with QA/QC procedures 

Monitor Quality Management Plan implementation through 
internal audit procedures and report findings to Project Director. 

Identify and monitor non-compliance issues and ensure 
suitable corrective actions are implemented by the concerned party. 

To support the Project Management Team in the 
preparation and maintenance of all contractual turnover documents and ensure 
that they are up to date and meet all contract requirements. 

To report any quality issues promptly that might have 
a counter effect on time or cost of the project. 

Participate in reviewing the Close-Out Report as 
submitted by Contractors and Consultants.

minimum 15 years’ experience in architectural coordination and Quality