Win an iPhone 4S with Akhtaboot

Akhtaboot - the career network is proud to announce the first-ever “Win an iPhone 4S with Akhtaboot” contest. All you have to do is shoot a 30 - 45 second video of yourself talking about your experience with Akhtaboot; how Akhtaboot helped you land your dream job, what do you like about Akhtaboot…etc. You can be funny, serious, talk in English, Arabic, or both... Basically, be yourself!

How can you enter the contest?

  • Video Submission Deadline: 25th of Nov, 2011
  • Voting Period on Akhtaboot Facebook Fan pages: 26th of Nov, 2011 – 26th of Dec, 2011
  • Announcement of the Winner: 10th of Jan, 2012
  • Video Submission Deadline: 1st of Dec, 2011
  • Voting Period on Akhtaboot Facebook Fan pages: 4th of Dec, 2011 – 4th of Jan, 2012
  • Announcement of the Winner: 18th of Jan, 2012

Selection of the winner


الصفحة التي تبحث عنها غير موجودة.

ربما تكون قد نسخت العنوان بشكل خاطئ أو أن الصفحة إنتقلت إلى عنوان آخر.