Wahah Electric Supply Company of Saudi Arabia Ltd

Company Overview

Wahah Electric Supply Company of Saudi Arabia Ltd. (WESCOSA) was formed in 1976 to meet the growing needs of energy and power sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
WESCOSA has experienced substantial growth since its formation. The company now offers a wide-range of products designed and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards of the power generation and distribution industry.

At the beginning, WESCOSA’s product line includes only the assembly of switchboards, panel boards and accessories under a license agreement with Westinghouse Electric Corporation, USA. The demand of electrical equipment in Saudi Arabia has fast risen in the succeeding years, causing WESCOSA to diversify its product lines and started manufacturing NEMA VE-1 Electrical Cable Ladders, Cable Tray, and Cable Trunking & Supports.

The company has grown tremendously at an early stage of its operation. In 1979, WESCOSA started assembling oil filled transformers under a license agreement with Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Assembly of dry type transformer was added to WESCOSA products in 1983, again under a license agreement with Westinghouse. In 1988, Westinghouse sold its transformer division to WESCOSA. Since, then WESCOSA has continued manufacturing oil filled distribution transformers of the highest quality standards independently, now holding its own type-test certifications.

It was in 1988 when a major turn of event took place in WESCOSA when Ali Zaid Al-Quraishi & Bros. Co. purchased the Westinghouse share making WESCOSA a fully owned subsidiary of Ali Zaid Al-Quraishi & Bros. Co. and since then WESCOSA named as Wahah Electric Supply Company of Saudi Arabia Ltd., a 100% Saudi Arabian Company. Eventually, on the same year, Westinghouse sold its transformer division to a new owner, thereby ending its license agreement with WESCOSA. Since then, WESCOSA has continued manufacturing oil filled distribution transformers of high quality standards independently. WESCOSA now hold its own type-test certifications.

The success-story has just begun; in early 1992, WESCOSA added Metal-Clad Vacuum Switchgear, under a technical license agreement with Powell Industries Inc. USA. The same year when WESCOSA started manufacturing AMPGARD Medium Voltage Starters and Low Voltage Motor Control Centers (MCC’s) series 2100 and DS Low Voltage Switchgear under a license agreement with Westinghouse Electric Corporation. In the following year, UNIBUS Inc., of USA entered a license agreement with WESCOSA enabling the latter to start manufacturing Non-Segregated Busducts and in the same year, WESCOSA started producing Distribution Transformers of their own design for both ANSI and IEC standards.

The license agreements which WESCOSA had with Westinghouse were all extended by Eaton Corporation through its subsidiary, Cutler-Hammer. In early 2000, C-H and WESCOSA enhanced their cooperation by replacing the former license agreement with a Strategic OEM Alliance Agreement.

In 1995 a large-scale concentration on service activities like Repairs, Testing, Installation, Commissioning, Refurbishment, Advisory and consultancy Services was initiated. In 1995 marks the commencement of manufacturing SWITCHRACKS to NEMA, UL, CSA and FM standards and NEC requirements. Suitable for outdoor applications in desert environment, corrosive environment and in hazardous locations. All enclosures are labeled with NEMA4*4X compliance labels approved by independent laboratories.

Saudi Arabia being known as the number one oil producing country in the world, had a booming projects in petrochemical and Power industry. This prospective was never neglected by WESCOSA, In 1996 WESCOSA started manufacturing Power transformers and continue to grow and acquire higher ratings as it progress. Now, WESCOSA manufactures transformers up to 20MVA under the technical support agreement with CG-Belgium Transformers. Along with the newly acquired products such as IEC LV Switchgear/control gear with Hensel, Relay and Control Panel, Synchronizing Panel and Instrument Cabinets, WESCOSA is now considerably a one-stop-shop of your electrical needs.

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