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Known as its reliability as service provider to travel producer  around the world, Rida International has struggled to elevate the standards of the tourism industry in Lebanon, Dubai, Jordan and the Middle East. 
The challenge is to continuously build our initial stary up, enhance our specialization and suplpy excellent products specifically designed to each market. 
Bein well established entice us to seek in an evolving world, a pattern that fits the human nature.  The aim is to consildate our dedication, and to design and operate, traditional yet exciting and thorough itineraries in the region. 
History for us is vast knowledge that reflects awareness, where global travelers having information access, become always mroe sophisticated in seeking memorable holidays.
Our mission is to provide solutions that will fit our clientele in the context of values based on committment and accuracy. 
Relying on experienced personnel, resources, determination, and a unique region, I look forward to welcome you and your travelers. 
Our philosophy is to apply innovative guidance by offering a selection of options to enable people to enjoy and have values. 

  • Mr. Rafic Rida

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