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Driving growth through quality…

“An uncompromising passion for quality and innovation. A world-class production, marketing and distribution infrastructure. These are the strengths that define the Almarai brand.”
“Our commitment to quality is embedded into the way we manage our business. Our Quality and Product Development Division is dedicated to ensuring we consistently achieve the highest possible standards of excellence.”
HH Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saudi Al Kabeer established Almarai in 1977. From relatively modest beginnings, we have grown into the world’s largest vertically integrated dairy operator. Synonymous with dairy products of the highest quality, diversifying into fruit juice, bakery and poultry products has also made Almarai a food company.
In the early years, our growth was steady. In recent years, it has been exceptional. After we launched in 1977, it took us two decades to achieve annual revenues of SAR1 billion. We then doubled that total in a single decade – and the trajectory continues to rise. In 2011 sales soared to almost 8billion.
Relentless pursuit

Our growth is driven by the relentless pursuit of quality supported by a distinctive infrastructure mix that incorporates world-class farms, production operations and distribution systems.
Almarai Holstein cows produces almost double the amount of milk of the European cows.
Meanwhile, our fleet of almost 1,000 tankers, trailers, tractor heads and nearly 3,000 vans undertakes over 100,000 trips annually. Together, our vehicles cover more than 190 million kilometres to deliver dairy, juice, bakery and poultry products to 89 sales depots and 48,000 customers across six GCC states.
Quality first, quality always

The thinking that inspired the birth of our company was certainly visionary. Since 1977, we continue to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding domestic market. Despite the changes our business has undergone, one thing will never alter: Almarai’s determination to stay faithful to its founding principle by producing quality you can trust.
Our Quality and Product Development Division has embedded this principle firmly into the way we manage our business. The division is dedicated to ensuring that the growing size and complexity of our business never compromises the quality of our products or our talent for innovation. Its purpose is to ensure we always keep our quality promise by shaping world-class product development processes that produce world-class products.

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